epito. advice FAQs

What would you like to know?


Why do I need financial advice?

at epito. we believe that everyone needs financial advice to make sure we are doing the right thing.

Even small financial decisions can have huge implications on our lives. We're not all financial experts, we can't be expected to know what to do.

We all need someone we can trust to help us along the way.

What is a Fact-Find?

A fact-find is the first step in advice. It is a comprehensive information gathering into not just your finances but your priorities and aims to ensure that any advice we give you is entirerly personal and relevant to you.

What the difference between advice cost and transactional cost?

Advice cost is what we charge from the first fact-find to the actual issuing of your advice to you.

Transactional cost is what we charge for the optional service of implementing financial advice for you, this takes away a lot of the heavy paperwork.

Note: We will never proceed with a transaction without your explicit permission, any decision regarding transaction it does not impact your advice and all charges will be outlined prior.